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Privacy Statement


Privacy Statement

1. Plain English Terms

The General Terms below are complicated legal terms that serve to protect us and make it clear the terms that will apply to the Personal Information of users of LPDY services. These terms below are here to give you a simple explanation of what the General Terms really mean in plain English.

However, these plain English terms are not our Privacy Policy, and the General Terms below are still the policy that will apply if anything goes wrong.

  • Personal Information: LPDY stores your Personal Information when you use our service. Because we keep this information, LPDY takes on the legal responsibilities that come with storing that information.
  • Your Rights: You have rights to be able to access, amend and delete your Personal Information on request
  • Sharing Personal Information: We may share your Personal Information with our service providers and partners solely for the purpose of providing our service to you.
  • Log data: When you visit our service, LPDY collects data that your browser sends to us. This includes IP address, browser version, time and date of visit, and other statistics.
  • Web Tokens: Our service uses encrypted JSON web tokens to collect data and improve itself. You can either accept or refuse these tokens and know when they are being sent to you. If you refuse to accept the tokens, you might not be able to use some parts of our service.
  • Security: LPDY's data is encrypted and securely stored via Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage and database services. All passwords are hashed, so no one is able to view them, including LPDY.
  • Social Media and other Links: When you click on a third-party link to another site that is not operated by us, we have no control over or responsibility for the content or privacy policies of these other sites.
  • Age Restriction: Those under the age of 16 are not able to access the Service. If someone under 16 years of age provides us with any information, we will immediately delete it and remove that person's consent.